Is knowledge Power or is Ignorance Bliss?

Knowledge in the real world today is a very special trait to have. To replace it with ignorance would be to make a “fool” out of one’s self. Once knowledge is obtained, great wonders could be achieved.

Looking back into prehistoric times, man did not start out in fancy suits, but rather with nearly no clothing at all and no knowledge of the outside world. As time progresses, so does knowledge. Notice where the world is today, we learned that there is more than just the planet earth, we learned how putting elements together creates something totally new, and much more that a mere essay could not begin to list. With knowledge, we have all the advancements that no other being before has, giving us “power” over them.

Another great reason for having knowledge is that it helps us to further advance into the future. Without knowledge, we would no longer have the automobile that we love so much to drive, the microwave that makes cooking much easier, the internet that helps us find our research faster, or the advancement in medicine that have helped and encouraged generations of people to keep moving forward.

Although gaining knowledge is very ideal, sometimes it can be abused. Some would wonder if maybe “ignorance is [really] bliss.” In the dictionary, bliss is defined as to have supreme happiness and ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge or training. If a person was trying to find a job, but practices the idea of “ignorance is bliss” then how could that person ever find a job if training was required. The person couldn’t; therefore, the person would be unhappy, contradicting the idea of “ignorance is bliss.” Which is why, to be ignorant, is to ignore and live like there is nothing going on. If a person were to live like that, it is to live life with everyone knowing something you don’t know. It is to be out of the loop, not knowing what people think. It is to live an un-blissful life.

Whatever life a person has, knowledge is still power and it’s what someone does with that power that makes knowledge so incredibly special.


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