Should Animals Have The Same Rights As People

Animal equality has always been an issue at hand. We eat them, we test them, and we keep them as pets, but is it enough to give them rights? I feel that they should at least have moral rights.

Animal testing is looked down upon by many, yet others find that because it benefits humans, it’s okay. Well it shouldn’t be. With advanced technology, we should be able to alter the way to find cures for diseases.  When the U.S. bombed Japan, we destroyed a lot of their factories and technology. They had to start all over. With this new beginning, they created top of the line advanced technology. If they can do it, why can’t we develop “top of the line advanced technology” too. There is more than one way to do things and as dominant as we think we are, then let’s try a new way to cure diseases instead of using animals as the victim. People debate that torturing is wrong, yet half of the people that think that are hipocrites. Those hipocrites believe that torturing is wrong for people, but when it comes to animals, torture is not wrong because it saves a human life from that same torture.  Animals are not much different from humans. Tim Radford, contributer to the UK Guardian explains that animals “can feel pain, experience fear, and react in disgust.” (Tim Radford) Radford goes on to say that “if a wildebeest did not feel pain, it would carry on grazing as lions chewed at its hind leg” and “if a canine did not experience disgust, it would not vomit.”  In some senses, animals are also smarter than humans too. For instance, Cleveland Gonnawinn made a good point by asking “When was the last time you saw an animal smoking crack, cigarettes and/or drink a beer?” (Cleveland Gonnawinn) We are literally committing suicide. We may say we are superior but that does not make it true when half of our population is majorly flawed.  Another good point Gonnawinn made was “we are said to be the smartest species on the earth, and that is because we as a people collectively support and made that comment.” Ironic right?

With animals should come rights that we as humans would want for ourselves. I’m not saying we should let them vote in our elections or anything, but morally can we at least treat them the way we wanted to be treated?


One response to “Should Animals Have The Same Rights As People

  1. How would you define “morally”? Where would you draw the line of what is “moral” treatment of animals? Is it okay to keep a dog caged in a small pen for most of his life–whether in an animal testing facility or in someone’s back yard? Also, do you distinguish among the animals when it comes to how we should treat them? Does a rat or lab mouse deserve the same rights as a chimp?

    These are just questions for you to ponder as you forge forward in crafting your argument.

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