More to: Should Schools Require That Children Be Vaccinated

With kids exposed to many viruses and harmful bacteria, the mandation of vaccines should be enforced all over the country.

Little do parents, or people in general, know what vaccines actually do. When a person is injected with a vaccination, he is exposing his body to the weakened virus or bacteria. Once in, he develops immunity to the pathogen. So if this person were really exposed to the injected virus/bacteria, his immune system would be ready to defend itself. Because of current times, there are less and less people infected with a disease, such as polio. However, there could always be a comeback of a disease, therefore everyone, including children, need to be vaccinated so there isn’t that risk. To really fight off another epidemic, we need to perform whats called herd immunity.  According to the Manual of Epidemiology, herd immunity is when “a high proportion of individuals of a group” are “resistance to infection”. (Manual of Epidemiology) Dr. Vincent Iannelli explains that because “most people around you are immune to an infection and can’t get sick, then there is no one around to infect you, even if you aren’t immune to the infection.” (Pediatrics) Not only would you be “immune to an infection,” there are also many benefits of a vaccine. In the long run, vaccinations save many lives, reduce pain, suffering and disability, and they save a ton of money. A blogger for the Economist’s View adds that other benefits included are that “healthy people live longer” and “healthy children are more likely to attend school and are better able to learn” in class. (Economist’s View)

Although we all know that their aren’t many outbreaks of old diseases any more, it is easy to refocus our attention on the risks instead of the benefits. People do not realize that an epidemic could come back. This realization is why schools know what is in the students best interest to receive a vaccination: they want to prevent the risk of getting any student sick.


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