Should Schools Require That Children Be Vaccinated? (flopped argument)

Vaccines are supposed to eliminate any harmful viruses, however many also pose as threats to the human body. Some will ask themselves, “Can I take the risk?”

Contributer Tatiana Morales of the CBS Early Show says that every day, there are “11,000 babies born.” (CBS News) Morales also mentions that with these new born babies, doctors recommend a total of “20 shots” before the baby reaches “18 months.” These “vaccinations” are suppose to strengthen their immune system and prevent “11 diseases.” However, as a child continuely grows, more vaccinations are required, especially entering the elementary schools.  Morales quotes from The American Academy of Pediatrics that “immunizing a child is far more beneficial than not immunizing.”  Although this may not seem so bad, there are reports of children’s health altering after receiving a vaccination.  As ironic as that seems, parents do not realize that not all children’s bodies are exactly the same. Some respond differently to certain stimulus’s. For example, when my little sister was about five, she needed to have a vaccination for the chicken pox. We had no idea that when getting a vaccination, there could be any potential side effects, all we could think about was that it was one less disease to worry about. However, a couple hours after the vaccination, my sister started twitching uncontrollably and her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, drool falling out of her mouth everytime her body shook. We were all freaking out because we had no clue what was happening, so my mom immediately drove her into the emergency room. After the doctor calmed the seizures and did some blood work, he explained that Emily (my sister) had had a bad reaction to the chicken pox vaccination, but was going to be okay. As a sigh of relief was let out, the harmful effects of a vaccine can be very scary and even deadly. Many parents object to the vaccinations required for school, claiming for religious purposes or other personal reasons. Whether there is a reason or not, the child belongs to the parents, not the school, so why are the schools trying to take over? For instance, some schools require that children receive the hepatitis B shots. For those of you that do not know what that is, North Shore University defines it as “a virus commonly spread by sexual intercourse or blood transfusion, or from mother to newborn from birth. Another way it spreads is by using a needle that was used by an infected person.” (North Shore) I can understand if a mother passes this disease onto her newborn, the shot would be neccessary. On the other hand, I don’t exactly know any child that would participate in any “sexual intercourse” or shoot up an “infected” needle. Why then, would this vaccine be neccessary for kids? The answer: “because high-risk groups—sexually promiscuous adults and IV drug users—are difficult to reach or have rejected this vaccine.” (Opposing Views) So while these adults are exposing the disease, the younger generation must go through the transitions to prevent it, which doesn’t seem exactly fair. It seems that if children were made to receive mandatory vaccinations, then so should the “sexually promiscuous adults and IV drug users.”

While schools debate whether vaccinations should be recommended or required, parents and children alike need to know the risks that come with a vaccine and whether or not those risks are worth the trip to the doctors office.


One response to “Should Schools Require That Children Be Vaccinated? (flopped argument)

  1. Interesting points. I’ve never thought about the point about immunizing for Hepatitus B.

    Let’s have a conference about citing sources. Remind me in class.

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