Should Schools Require That Children Be Vaccinated?

Some schools require that kids entering grades k-12 and sometimes even college be given shots that prevent diseases. Many argue that this is not neccessary and that it should not be up to the schools to mandate someone else’s child’s health issues. Getting a vaccine is painful, especially when seeing a kid go through it, however seeing a kid suffer through whooping cough is even worse.  The need for vaccinations are imperative and would, in the long run, prevent many future out breaks.

The saying, “better be safe than sorry,” can very well apply to getting a vaccination. The CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) states that “Vaccine-preventable diseases have many social and economic costs: sick children miss school and can cause parents to lose time from work. These diseases also result in doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, and even premature deaths.” (CDC) Hearing this, many would say that maybe vaccines aren’t so bad after all. They save money and time. For people without health insurance, going to the Doctor can get pricey, especially if the child was so sick, x-rays or even surgeries were needed. Also, if vaccinations were stopped, millions of deaths worldwide could be expected. Because of the success of vaccinations, people do not realize that diseases, such as measles or polio, are dangerous. Many parents argue that instead of vaccinations curing their kid, it caused them severe health problems, like seizures or autism. According to an article in the New York Times, on Vashon Island, a ten month old baby died in his crib 2 weeks after an immunization.  In another, a little girl suffered four years of seizures that began minutes after her first whooping-cough shot. Their doctors disagreed, but these mothers were sure the indictment was on the vaccinations. (NYTimes) These many blames may sound convincing, however researchers have shown that these vaccinations and diseases have no corralation. They say that parents often link vaccines with their children’s symptoms because they are vaccinated at an age when disorders are often first diagnosed.

As new diseases pop up and old ones drift away, our love or hate for vaccinations will always be here, and so will those diseases, hovering and waiting to come back for a second round. So will we be there to catch it?


One response to “Should Schools Require That Children Be Vaccinated?

  1. Superb argument. You’ve convinced me!

    Documenting Sources TIP:
    you say: “For instance on Vashon Island…” Three sentences later, you offer a citation. Add a signal phrase when you first introduce this info: “According to an article in the New York Times, on Vashon Island…”

    Usually, you need both: a signal phrase and a parenthetical citation.

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