Toulmin Theory of Argument: Should Animals Have the Same Rights as People?

Evidence: The Sanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says that “Humans are morally considerable because of the distinctively human capacities we possess, capacities that only we humans have. But which campacities mark out all and only humans as the kinds of beings that can be wronged? A number of candidate capacities have been proposed–developing family ties, solving social problems, expressing emotions, starting wars, having sex for pleasure, using language, or thinking abstractly, are just a few. As it turns out, none of these activities is uncontroversially unique to human. Both scholarly and popular work on animal behavior suggests that many of the activites that are thought to be distinct to humans occurs in non-humans. ”

Claim: Animals should have moral rights.

Warant: Although human beings and animals have a different genetic make-up, they share a lot of the same characteristics.As noted, animals basicly have the same wants and needs to survive as we do, showing that man-kind and animal are really not that different.  When the world starts questioning whether or not animals should be given the privilage to have rights, then we have major selfish issues. They have feelings. They are not the ones with the problem, and they especially do not want to be stuck in a cage having harmful tests done to them. If we wanted something that bad, then we should have the integrity to go forth and do it ourselves, not be a coward and have an innocent animal do it for us.  Animals are not something that can be disposed of when we need. They were put on this earth too, to live their life in peace and while they do no harm to us, is it fair to do harm to them, to take advantage of them?

Backing:If we were to put a human being into that tested animals place, we would find ourselves outraged and disgusted that someone could do that. Animals go through the same pain you would if you were both subjected to painful and deadly experiments. If products were pumped into your stomach, rubbed on your skin, or squirted in your eyes, I don’t think you would be able to sit there and just take it. Animals, like monkeys, that have to sit in their cages, never to see any of their family and friends and just waiting to die. If everyone and everything has feelings and experiences pain, then who are we to say that humans shouldn’t have to go through it, but other animals should? Millions of animals are tortured and killed each year for testing ( when most of those tests aren’t even 100 percent accurate.

Rebuttle: Although you don’t have that same compassion for animals, think about how that animal has to sit there everyday, not able to say a word, to take the pain, hoping for it to stop, but knowing that they have no control over it, until they take their last dying breath. That is what should be considered. That is why animals should have rights.

Qualifier: Not always do we have to consider moral rights for animals. A fly, for instance, is one that we don’t have to be defensive about.


One response to “Toulmin Theory of Argument: Should Animals Have the Same Rights as People?

  1. As we discussed Friday afternoon, the backingneeds to give additional evidence: fact, example, stat, expert testimony, analogous situation that will “back-up” your warrant and thus your claim.

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