Time.com: Top WORLD Stories

As soon as my eyes fell across the word World at TIME.com: Top World Stories, I immediately clicked on it.  I don’t know what it is about me that makes me want to know what’s happening all accross the world, instead of what is happening in just the United States.  When all the story headlines popped up, I could see words like bomb, earthquakes, arrests, and a lot of other loaded phrases. 

What drew me to my first feed that I read was about the threat to the Beijing Olympics.  I don’t know if it is because I’m Asian that draws me to these kind of topics or if it is because it sounds a little more interesting than others, but when I clicked on it, I was immediately engulfed on the drama that that country was going through on how to fix the air pollution and the massive amount of Blue-Green algae that was contaminating the waters. Topics like these, made me come back to my reader everyday to check if anything else was happening, making this probably my most read feed so far. I read other topics like the Columbian rescue and how Osama bin Laden will launch another attack, all stories that start out drawing a person’s attention.  I also saw topics like Disabled Models and What’s Next for Ingrid Betancourt, topics that are in some words interesting, but not something I felt like reading in depth. 

If I were ever to become a journalist, I would love to write topics about the world to better inform people that life does not just exist with one person, it exists in all of us, and that not only do we need to be aware of all issues in the world, we need to be thinking of ways to help contribute to the solution too. It sounds kind of corny, but this is what I truly think and if I had not read these feeds, I would probably not have come to that conclusion.


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