New York Times: Technology

I have to admit, I am sometimes quite crazed about technology, and at others, i think it kind of dull.  I love hearing about new phones, computers, and just little fun inventions that people can come up with.  However, in reading this feed, I found that not only was it about new technology, it’s everything on the decisions that people like Bill Gates make and companies such as Nokia and Apple, plan. 

At I didn’t feel as interested as I thought I would, but some topics did spark my interest.  The mentioning of a Group Suing the Government Over Mobile Phone Tracking and The Facebooker who Friended Obama were a couple that caught my attention.  I felt that this writer didn’t exactly put much heart into his/her writing because as I was reading it, I didn’t feel as if I was really understanding it, my thoughts would drift away and I would have to reread it again.  I do have to remember though, that maybe this topic wasn’t something I would like to read.

In conclusion, this probably would be one of the feeds that I would not keep reading up on and it was one of those that I only skimmed and scanned the headings and only read in depth the ones that I thought I liked.


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