Los Angeles Times – Entertainment News

Entertainment, what is not to love? It keeps a lot of people entertained, that’s for sure.  Even though gossip should not be as important as it is, I just can’t help but know what is going on and what is it that makes us rather read this, than something like politics?  At http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/ I was updated on everything from Angelina Jolie’s twins to news about the new batman movie to how some stars are being jailed.

Whenever I read stories about celebraties life, for some reason I feel less stressed and a little more at peace because it seems that in their lives, something is always happening.  I know sometimes that’s not a good thing, but it just takes my mind off of the problems in my life or I feel like I can learn from their mistakes. 

I defenitely will be checking up on this feed if I was ever in need of something to do and in a lot of these, the writer starts a heading with a name so maybe people are drawn to each topic depending on which name they are more interested in reading about, something I will have to remember.


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