Evaluation of 3 Blogs

Blogs, how do we go about evaluating one’s creative use of technology and thoughts in one post? With so many great blogs on the World Wide Web, I have succeeded in finding three that have put words and pictorial tools together to make wonderful posts for everyone (including me) to read and enjoy. In doing so, I began to see that there are some good and bad qualities in all blogs.

For instance on blog number one at http://edubuzz.org/blogs/donsblog/organization, there were so many posts that he (the blogger) had written, and delightful enough, they were all arranged in perfect columns that were listed under certain categories. I found everything I wanted to know just by skimming down the list of topics! A cool tool I found on this writer’s blog was his archives under a drop down menu instead of just listing it like what most other bloggers do. While this writer mostly focused on the topic of education, he also wrote a little about politics and technology, attracting many readers due to variety. Instead of having a very long reference page, he linked the word or phrase to the resource he had found it at, except he had a flaw; he did not cite his pictures. However, he did a great job by having many pictures and videos to help demonstrate the visual perspective in which he was portraying. All this hard work was not for nothing though because he does get many comments on his posts, but in many cases he does not comment back to the poster. Incredible enough, this blog (I soon found out) had been in existence for three years and still gets updated very often! How dedicated is that? The posts are not random and unplanned either, they are very carefully written and put together in an organized format. Looking through this blog inspires me to write more and be more organized with all that I write and do. 

http://aquaculturepda.edublogs.org/ was quite different from the first blog. It felt more witty, keeping me focused on the subject very easily. To corroborate this, the headings were eye catching and accompanying that was an original picture that made you want to read the post to see what the picture was about. Like the blog before this, it had side columns of headings and under each heading was a list of categories or topics to read from. Under one of the headings, she listed some of other people’s posts in which she had a series of her comments and the link to that blog, giving us (as the readers) an insight on how she thinks. She mostly writes a lot about tips for doing things like blogging, screen casting, editing, and many other worldly tips. Her posts also gives us glimpses of her life and problems and how she fixes them. For example, she wrote once that she was feeling very cold and the reason was because a major gas company suffered from an explosion. Then, to deal with the gas shortage, everyone in West Australia had to cut back on their electricity use. Her solution to this problem was to wear a lot of gloves and thick clothing to keep her warm because it can actually get pretty cold in Australia. Also like blog number one, any reference to a person or site is hyperlinked to the original site and the videos (mostly from youtube) are like that too. However, she does more by citing at the bottom of every picture with the date, author, and company of who created that picture. With all these elements complimenting her posts, she gets a lot of comments too, and does a great job trying to respond back to her posters. She has kept up with this blog for two whole years and updates at least once every month. From reading her blog posts, I have found occasional grammatical errors and I am not quite sure if it is because she is Australian, or if they are just little grammar mistakes. After reading a few of her posts, I would say that this is one of my all-time favorite blogs with its entertaining articles and humorous stories, therefore inspiring me with the urge to share my practical experiences with the world.        

http://blog.mrmeyer.com/, I found that the organization and format was simpler than blog number one and two. He narrowed his sidebars down to as few as possible, making reading and navigating pretty easy. Instead of grouping his posts into categories, he grouped them under his archives from every month. I personally found interesting his feed burner which counted how many readers he had, come visit his blog. I saw that he wrote stuff about his education/teaching experiences, for example not assigning homework, many math tips, and his trial and error experiments with his students, in other words, making math fun. Just like many blogs, he also cites his information to the website it was found at. What is different about this blog is instead of having most of his videos from Youtube, they are of himself demonstrating the point he was trying to prove or show. He also has many pictures that go with each post too. Not only does he get a lot of comments, but he responds to them regularly making sure he clarifies everyone’s viewpoints. His blog has existed for about two years now and he writes every single month with more than two posts per archive. I found this blog to be humorous because of the different ways he figures out how to make things better, like getting his students interested in learning again. In fact, I found this blog to be so inspirational that I told my geometry teacher about it. The message I conveyed out of this blog was to think outside the box whenever I could and as often as I could, but also to not give up on the first try, but to try, try again. The reason I think this is that when he first began to teach, he had a rough time getting his students to focus and understand the concepts. Then after many hours of thinking, he found a solution by making the problems more life related and getting the class to interact with each other to find a common answer.
In conclusion, these three blogs show that time and commitment can make a big difference between a good blog and a bad one.



4 responses to “Evaluation of 3 Blogs

  1. Glad you enjoy reading my blog. I don’t think we can blame being an Aussie on my grammar (although occasionally I slip up and use Aussie slang). Believe my scientist background is the cause – sounds good anyway.

    My blog is actually just over a year old (April 2007). Personally I try hard to comment back to people who take the time to leave comments. It is hard because I have the two blogs which is why I appreciate more why other bloggers don’t however taking the time to comment back helps build your blog’s community and shows you value comments.

    The human elements in terms of sharing glimpses of who you are is important for readers to create connections. Sharing tips on how to do things lately has been hard because of my commitments to The Edublogger.

    Good luck with blogging and I’m glad my posts have inspired you to share your practical experiences.

  2. Hey great intro! I think you could cut back from some other stuff and add to your conclusion! Good Luck!!
    I don’t know your e-mail, so i can’t email you the rubric

  3. Sue, i am so exceptionally excited and happy that someone as unique as you would take time out of your day to comment MY blog! (also it’s sort of my first REAL comment, so don’t blame me) i completely understand you situation on commitments however your tips are awesome anyways and im so glad that you do let people have glimpses of what it is like in you shoes which if anything exciting happens to me i would love to do the same. Thank you, times a million,for being my inspiration into the blogging world.

  4. I’m delighted you’ve taken the summer assignment to heart and made an earnest effort to understand what blogging is all about–and how you might grow your own blog. It appears you’ve learned a great deal and are well on your way to entering the blogosphere. Wow–your first comment from Sue Waters, an internationally known blogger!!!!

    It is incredible the sheer volume of information that awaits us all–only a click away. We can all learn if only we’ll allow technology to empower us.

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